More Meringues

Who knew my penchant for amaretti biscuits? I’m only starting to see it through my published posts. But sure here we go again. Amaretti meringues. It is scarcely any more complicated than the basic meringue recipe but is surprisingly different in the eating. I like mine sandwiched together but they are perfectly wonderful eaten one by one by one by all.

I’ve also discovered how fond I am of dressing things with fruit. It just looks so pretty and takes only the energy needed to open a packet. So bare with me. I shall endeavor to be more original in future posts but for now leave me alone. I am feeling enormous and tired.

The quantity I made produced 17 sandwiched meringues or 34 individual pieces.

Oven temperature 130 Celsius

Amaretti biscuits     80g

Egg whites                4

Caster sugar             230g

To serve;

Cream, vanilla extract, icing sugar, fruit

Preheat the oven and line a few baking trays with baking parchment.

Pour the biscuits into a big mixing bowl and pummel with the end of a rolling pin or something like that till they are good and small.

crushed, the poor things

Pop the egg whites into a different big mixing bowl and begin to whisk them, keep going till they hold stiff peaks.

not an inspiring photo
not an inspiring photo

Add in a tablespoon of sugar and keep whisking, add another tablespoon of sugar, keep whisking, another tablespoon, keep whisking, another one, keep whisking, one more, keep whisking.

Now you can add the remainder of the sugar in two more generous goes, whisking in between. The mix should be beautifully glossy and voluminous.

ooh, so glossy
ooh, so glossy

Empty in the biscuit crumbs and fold gently.

pretty much done
pretty much done

I chose to pipe mine because I’m fierce fancy but if you have neither the piping bag nor patience then use two spoons to shape the little mounds. You can flatten down the spikes if they offend you but they were polite to me and so I let them be.

I am aware they are a little turd-like in appearance at this stage
I am aware they are a little turd-like in appearance at this stage

Into the oven they go. Mine were about 4cm in diameter and I baked them for 1hr and then turned off the oven, with them inside, and left the door ajar till all had cooled.

I chose to sweeten the cream with vanilla extract and a tablespoon of icing sugar.

When the meringues are cool, pipe or spoon a dollop of cream onto the flat side of one meringue and squish a second meringue, flat side first, into the cream. There you go. A fairly delicious looking dessert with hardly a sweat broken.



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