Simple Almondy Buns

I think it’s right about time for some super simple baking. From start to finish these little beauties can be ready in 30mins – including icing. That is not to be sniffed at. I might also add they are delicious. I have continued my slight addiction with almondy flavours for these but if you fancy the plainest of buns then leave out the almond extract in the batter and the Amaretto in the icing. I reckon orange icing could be pretty wonderful too and for that just add orange juice to the icing sugar instead of amaretto if that appeals to you.

The muscavado sugar adds a lovely caramelly note while the cream cheese icing is a welcome break to the sweetness.


The only thing that might qualify as a tip for this recipe is that I suggest using soft, room temperature butter. It’ll make everything even easier.

The quantity below makes a nice, square 9 buns.

Oven temperature 180 Celsius

Butter                                   60g

Light muscavado sugar    60g

Almond extract                  1 teaspoon

Eggs                                      2

Self raising flour                30g

Ground almonds               30g


Icing sugar                          5 tablespoons

Cream cheese                     3 teaspoons

Amaretto                             1 teaspoon

Preheat the oven and sort out 9 bun cases.

Pop the butter, muscavado sugar and extract in a mixing bowl and beat till all nicely combined.

not exactly fluffy
combined but not exactly fluffy

Add in the 2 eggs and beat some more. It doesn’t look very pretty at this stage, might even look a little curdled but let there be no panic.


Add in the flour and almonds and mix.

That’s the bun batter done. Now spoon it into the cases and place them into the oven.


They take 15mins in total, I turned mine after 10 for even baking.

After the 15mins take them out of the oven (they should be spongy to the touch and medium brown in colour) and let them cool down on/in the tray.

good looking buns
good looking buns

Meanwhile you can be making the icing. Put the icing sugar, cheese and amaretto into a bowl and mix. It’ll look a fierce mess to start but will combine soon enough. As with before add more cream cheese if you want runnier icing and more icing sugar if you want it thicker.

icing also done
icing also done

When the buns have cooled spread them generously with the icing. I think you can agree that baking doesn’t get much easier. Enjoy.



2 thoughts on “Simple Almondy Buns

  1. Hi Marianne, thank you for trying out my recipe and I’m sorry it didn’t work out! The original recipe uses only 2 eggs, did you perhaps double the eggs but not your dry ingredients? I try to always use large eggs btw x


  2. I made these buns this evening, and they didn’t turn out the way yours did. My batter was too runny. I was just wondering if my eggs were too big? 4 eggs looked like a lot for the quantities, but maybe you used small eggs?

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