coriander pesto

Coriander Pesto

I actually have something a little more exotic and fancier than coriander pesto in the works but due to its freezing needs that beaut shall be next week’s post. So for now, I shalln’t keep you.

I was originally going to make a coriander butter to use under the skin of my roast chicken for dinner but I forgot. Instead, we dined on a perfectly lovely, but run o’ the mill chicken with white wine and lemon and the next weekend I made coriander pesto. My husband is a divil for a spot of pesto. Normally of a shop-bought, basil variety but I thought I’d ‘treat him decent’ (as Granddad used to say) this time.

As for the recipe, it isn’t really one. I’ll give you a list of ingredients and some vague quantities but you decide how you want it to be. I won’t spoil the method for you just yet.

This is also healthy.

Fresh coriander             one large bunch

Lime zest – that of one lime

Lime juice                        half?

Red chili                           a third

Parmesan                        a generous handful grated


Olive oil                          a substantial glug

Put everything in a small food processor.

Blitz till more or less smooth.


If it isn’t quite right add some more of one of the ingredients.

To thin it out use either the oil or lime juice

Blitz again.


Keep doing that till you’re happy.

You can use the finished pesto however you like, it worked well simply stirred through plain pasta. Alternatively, you could add a spoon of cream cheese too. Up to yourself. Maybe on a nice crust of bread.

coriander pesto


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