Orange Jelly

This is going to be quick. It’s been a beautiful but long day today and in theory I should be cleaning the house ready for our potential buyer to view it tomorrow.

So. This week my continued foraging in the cupboards turned up some fairly nostalgic tins of madarin segments. That left me with a select number of deadly, retro desserts. I didn’t have the patience for making a lemon cheesecake – fairly sure I’ll make that for next week – and I didn’t think the day suited a pavlova. A bit of jelly it was to be.

I have already pretty much posted this recipe as part of my patriotic tricolour St. Patrick’s day jelly but this has mandarins transforming it into a novel recipe.


Pack o’ orange jelly – the kind made by people like Chivers

Smooth orange juice – about 400ml

Madarin segments- a small tin

Hold onto your hats, it’s a whirlwind of a recipe.

Choose either one big glass bowl or a few small vessels.

Snip the jelly, using scissors, into a microwavable jug (first photo below).

Make up to 100ml with water.

Put the jug full of potential tastiness into the microwave and microwave for about 1min until the jelly is all melted (second photo below).


Give it a quick stir.

Make up to 550ml with orange juice (last photo above).

Stir some more.

Pour it into the bowl(s)

Drop in a few madarin segments that will bob up to the surface.


Put everything into the fridge to set – about 2hrs if you’ve chosen little glasses.




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