I’m on holiday

I’m on holiday. Sometimes I forget just how deadly holidays are. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed by the practicalities of motherhood. Worrying about if flight times fit in with naps, how cycling around with two restless mad yokes will work out, sandy food on beaches. All that kind of messing but it’s all going great.

We’ve gone to a place, new to us, il de ré. It’s an island off the west coast of France and it’s just great. There are bakeries everywhere which makes me foolishly happy. I had just broken through the 11stone mark before we left. A feathery 10stone 13.4, I think I can say with buttery confidence that that is no more but I couldn’t care. Pastries are delicious. I’m a convert to the humble pan au chocolat once more. 

The boys are almost too cute for my ovaries to deal with. This is a photo of them with a tiny shopping trolley with one refusing to take off his helmet. 

The second photo is them hiding in the lockers at the swimming pool we went too. Where, I might add, I went on a water slide for the first time in decades. I took my almost two year old with me. I was shi@*ing it but he thought it was hilarious. 

That’s all for now. No recipe. 

Ok one last thing. I was made a finalist in the Irish Blog Awards. Pretty happy about that. Here’s an image to prove it. 

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