Marshmallow Tophats

Two years ay? Let’s choose to ignore my inattention to my site and let me give you a brief synopsis of my hiatus.

  • We got all the planning permission we needed
  • Got pregnant
  • We got our house built
  • Had a baby – a boy, who’d have guessed?
  • We live in our new house
  • It’s deadly
  • No joke
  • Stayed at two lighthouses
  • Eldest son started primary school
  • It’s my birthday

I’m sure there’s more but my advanced years have left me amnesiac. Here are a few photos of the above events.

I decided I’d return in a triumphant manner. The Marshmallow Tophat. I only learned of their official name a few years ago from my ever-wise husband. He is so knowledgeable, our marriage an education. It doesn’t actually class as a recipe but I thought I just needed to write something or I’d never get my arse in gear to start this yoke again.

Also, as it happens, I’ve been abandoned by that wise husband of mine for my birthday. Thought I’d be productive and resist the urge to eat myself into a coma.

So off we go. You will need;

Chocolate – I favour a mix of dark and milk, there’s enough sweetness going on with the other ingredients. In terms of quantities it’s up to yourself. You need enough to fill the base of your cases and an old smudge to stick your smarties on. Jaysus, there’s half the recipe already.

Big marshmallows – the ones that are about 3cm tall. You’ll be needing one per treat.

Smarties – although I have been dabbling with crispy m&ms too. One per treat too.

Line up as many mini bun cases as you want on a tray or plate.

Let the germs begin

Break your chocolate into little pieces and put it into a microwaveable bowl. Heat in 30s blasts till just melted.

Technical isn’t it.

Use a teaspoon to fill the base of each case with chocolate and squish a marshmallow into it.

DSC_0106 (2)
State of him

Pop a drop of chocolate on top of the marshmallow and stick on a smartie. I don’t agree with sprinkles.

DSC_0113 (2)

Leave to set.

This recipe works well with children. You control the chocolate portioning and set up one washed child with the marshmallows and a second decontaminated youth with the smarties.

They’re actually delicious, don’t be a snob.

DSC_0123 (2)

11 thoughts on “Marshmallow Tophats

  1. Wow, definitely doing this with my boys this weekend. It’ll be the perfect birthday cake for my husband!!


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