Well Hello Denmark

I’m in Denmark. Along with my husband and two little boys. I’m delighted we decided to go slightly off the beaten track. It’s a wonderful change. Perfectly green like Ireland but with the neatest, gently undulating landscape. The weather is treating us very well too, highs of 27 Celsius but with cool evenings and we even got an hour of torrential rain. Always partial to a spot of monsooning when I’ve nothing to do.

I’ve already had two naps today. I plan on going to bed early enough too. It’s brilliant having my husband with me during the day. I think it even gives me more of a chance to enjoy the time I spend with the boys with all the chores halved.


An aside, check out these shoes. We had to buy them for Tom because we hadn’t fully thought through his footwear options if it was hot over here.


The half pound of lurpak is for scale. They really are tiny.

On the pastry front, it’s almost as tasty as I remember. I was brought to Denmark when I was eleven. My folks let me go to the nearby bakery by myself every morning. Now, unfortunately, I’ve not managed to source the pastries of those fond memories just yet. Long rectangular Danish pastries with pools of different flavours. So far I’ve had a cinnamon one, a raspberry jam one and a vanilla one. Cinnamon one wins.

I will endeavour to find even more delicious ones in our two weeks here. It’s a hard old life.


That there is the heavenly garden, complete with trampoline, sandbox, swing, climbing frame and beautiful trees.

Good work Denmark, good work.

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