Tips for traveling in Denmark

I have learnt at least two valuable things from my short stint in Denmark. Wear respectable knickers and (unrelated) if you’re travelling with children bring a fitted sheet.

The knickers are necessary due to Denmark’s geography. I read, somewhere hugely reliable no doubt, that you are never more than 52km from the coast over here. And what a coast. Not sure about you, but I don’t think Denmark and automatically think of beautiful, unspoilt beaches – miles on end. Well that’s where we’re both wrong. The place is crawling with spectacular strands with almost no-one on them. That’s a reoccurring thought. There aren’t many people about. Suppose it’s where we are. Anyway, the pants are if you happen upon one of these gorgeous beaches. I unfortunately missed out on a great swimming opportunity due to atrocious knickers. Shame on me.

I’ve had my proper camera with me so I don’t have too many photos on my phone to prove just how lovely the beaches are but here are two mediocre pictures.



The fitted sheet on the other hand is just so useful. I’ve seen it used on beaches to cordon off sand free zones for the crawlers. But I’ve been using ours primarily as shade, strung up between the seats in the car and on the side of Daithí’s travel cot. Darkness can not be underestimated when traveling with mini vampires.

Apart from those indispensable tips I’ve not much else for you this week. I’ve eaten myself into type two diabetes but haven’t baked or cooked anything pretty enough to post about. Next week there’ll be a real recipe. Swear.

This is utterly unrelated but we went to the best agricultural show ever held, ever and we found out about it by accident. You keep on surprising Denmark.

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