veggie burgers

Veggie Burgers

I think my computer may have finally died. I have never been so frustrated by a little, spinning wheel of colour. Why do they even bother trying to make them cheery? Horrible icons of unhappiness.

So I’m writing this post on another foe of mine, my smart phone. No pictures until I figure out how to wrestle them from the dying grip of the laptop either. Sorry.

On a far more positive note, this week I went and made vegetarian burgers and what’s more they were pretty bloody delicious . I did jazz them up with some tasty wee bits (guacamole, cheddar, rocket, tiny little tomatoes and some very lightly pickled onions) so I’m not sure if that’s cheating. Regardless, there was no meat on the table and so I’m classing this as a nutritional win.

I also made sweet potato chips. Amn’t I great.

In conclusion; they’ll take you no time, you can have most of the ingredients in cans in the cupboard and you can make them ahead of time. You should make these.

No oven, just a hob and it’ll make 4 large and 2 little burgers.

Canned chickpeas   280g-drained weight

Kidney beans             240g-drained weight

Fresh coriander         large handful

Ground cumin            1.5 teaspoons

Ground coriander      1.5 teaspoons

Chili flakes                  healthy sprinkle

Zest of 1 lime and half its juice

Plain flour                    3 tablespoons

Scallions, roughly chopped 4

Salt and pepper

Put everything in the food processor and blitz until well blended but with some coarser bits left for texture.

Shape into patties and place on a chopping board. Keep going till you’ve used up all the mixture.

veggie burgers
unnervingly meaty looking

Cover with clingfilm and pop them in the fridge for half an hour to firm up.

When you’re ready to cook them, remove them from the fridge and dust them lightly in some extra flour – this’ll give them a nice crust.

veggie burgers
they taste better than they look

Put a large frying pan on a high heat and add a healthy glug o’ oil.

Place the burgers in carefully and fry on each side for about 5mins until they’re beautifully browned.

Turn the heat down slightly if they start to brown too quickly.

Serve in soft baps, harhar, with peppery rocket, guacamole, ketchup, cheddar and pickled red onions and a self righteous grin.

veggie burgers

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