Lemon Mascarpone Mousse

Catherine Fulvio is a bit of a loose cannon. I made a lasagne following her rules. It was shocking. Manky. Split and generally gross. But I thought, as I’m such a level character, that I’d give her one more chance. And this ‘mousse’ – which it isn’t – is actually brilliant.

As I say it’s scarcely a mousse, not a bubble to be seen but it is creamy and delicious so I’ll let Fulvio away with a mild misnomer.

This lemony cream dessert will take you less than 5mins to prepare and you can eat it within the half hour. Also no risk of things not setting as there’s no gelatine or the like.

On a more personal note,

Anyone else tried these montessori places out? Odd setup. Can’t decide if I like it. I visited one today. My visit coincided with ‘work time’. This is a place for 3 year olds so the though of ‘work time’ is a wee bit jarring. Admittedly the work involved using a spoon to transfer uncooked pasta from one brightly coloured bowl to the other. So maybe it’s just the label but it makes me uneasy. They did have a nature table though and who doesn’t love a nature table.

I don’t know.

Anyway, I served my lemon creamy things with a poppy seed shortbread but any random, crispy biscuit thing would be lovely.

It makes enough for 5 grown ups.

Cream                 180ml

Mascarpone       250ml

Caster sugar       3 tablespoons

Zest and juice of one lemon

I chose five fancy tumblers to serve mine in but if you’d prefer one big bowl then go for that.

Beat the cream, in a mixing bowl, to just about firm peaks.

lemon mscarpone mousse
that’s whipped cream

In a separate bowl beat the mascarpone, sugar and lemon for a few minutes to make sure all the sugar dissolves.

lemon mscarpone mousse
that’s not whipped cream

Put a third of the cream into the mascarpone bowl and beat to combine.

Empty in the rest of the cream and fold everything together gently.

Pour it into the vessels of your choosing and pop the whole lot in the fridge to chill.

Easy, ay?

So serve it with a fresh berry or two and a biscuit.


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