Lemon Curd

I’m about to die of frustration with this damned laptop and technology. Aside from that I’m sinking further into a life of uncoolness and it feels great. I made an actual garment for me. Out of fabric like and it’s perfectly wearable. I bake. I’ve more or less given up drinking. I’m dying to pot up some plants outside my window for some winter colour but I’m being frugal and saving. I prefer to go on walks than go shopping. It’s mad.

Lemon curd this week. A fickle creature. I don’t think I’ve ever really mastered it, always a bit runny. I’m fairly sure it’s all down to my unparalleled impatience. So to side step any need for such a quality I’ve tweaked a recipe I found from one of the most perfect sites ever. I’m so jealous of this lady’s ability. Everything she does is just so beautiful. So crisp. Elegant. Classic. Just lovely. Here’s her site and the original recipe. I’ve reduced the lemons by a third and added some cornflour.

One day I’ll be patient.

I can’t wait.

Zest and juice of 2 large lemons

Butter                75g

Caster sugar    150g

Eggs                   2

Egg yolks          1

Cornflour         2 teaspoons

Put the zest, juice (except 1 tablespoon – keep that in a little glass), butter and sugar into a heavy based saucepan and put it on a medium heat.

lemon curd

Stir it calmly and quite frequently till all the sugar dissolves.

While that’s happening crack your eggs and beat them.

In a separate glass add the cornflour to the juice you didn’t put in the pan and stir to make a smooth paste.

lemon curd
Yes. I did change to ring the pan was on. Well spotted.

Take the pan off the heat and try to continuously stir the lemony mix as you add in the eggs.

lemon curd

Return to the heat, stirring constantly, for about 3mins.

Pour in the cornflour goo and keep on stirring.

I had to stir for about 5mins to get the right thickness. You’re going for wallpaper paste texture. Check out the informative video below if the wallpaper paste analogy doesn’t help. It slips off the spoon remarkably quickly but that’s due to the very non-stickness of the spatula not the runiness of the lemon curd. Pay attention to the mixture itself. That’s Dot too, he’s so helpful.

Once you’ve reached the above texture, decant the loveliness into a clean jar or, if you’re using it in a cake, put the whole pan in the fridge to cool down. It’s very tasty on toast but works well in baked goods too.


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