chorizo, tomato and creme fraiche pasta

Chorizo, Tomato and some kind of dairy Pasta

My oh my house stuff in general can be so fecking stressful. Do not misunderstand me at any stage, I could not be more cloud niney about our new house. It really will be the most wonderful house ever. Ever. But every stage has some new and before unknown stress bubble.

On a wholly positive note, our gabions are more brilliant than I really thought they would be. As a result I’m more than likely going to move to Connemara and become a dry-stone-waller. It is marvelously satisfying, finally getting to the constructive phase in the garden and rocks are lovely.

This weeks post is reflective of the level of physical activity I’ve been doing. I did more pilates by the way. It’s just who I am now. I’m thinking of buying an exercise t-shirt to celebrate. But the post. The post is Chorizo, Tomato and either mascarpone or creme fraiche pasta. It’s delicious. I’m not sure which part I like the most but it is lots of delicious things put together with more delicious things and then drizzled in honey. Another bonus, not to be predictable, but it takes a reassuring lack of effort.

All my quantities are a bit loose but are enough for in an around 5 adults. Feel free to adapt them to your tastes.

Chorizo                                      20cm of a 3cm diameter sausage

Garlic                                         2 cloves

Chili flakes                                5 (I’m a wuss)

Cherry tomatoes                      30

Creme fraiche/mascarpone    1 tablespoon

Fusilli pasta                              you will never accurately judge this

Parmesan and runny honey to garnish

I like to use a large saucepan to make this one but a large pot would be just fine. Either way place it on a medium heat.

Finely dice (0.5cm) the chorizo by first cutting the sausage into batons and them cutting them into the little cubes. Throw them into the pan and let them gently fry, all the time releasing their delicious oil, for about 7mins.

(put the water on to boil for your pasta)

After those 7mins crush two cloves of garlic on top of the chorizo and in with the chili flakes too.

Let the mix continue to fry whilst you halve all the tomatoes.

In they go.

chorizo, tomato and creme fraiche pasta
nice, ay?

If you have a lid (aren’t you great?) use it, if you don’t then fashion yourself a cartouche. A fancy, and possibly incorrect, term for a scrunched up piece of greaseproof paper big enough to cover the contents of the frying pan. The tomatoes will take about 7mins to cook down and get all smushy.

chorizo, tomato and creme fraiche pasta
there it is there

(you can start boiling your pasta now)

When they do become perfectly smushy add in the tablespoon of either creme fraiche or mascarpone and stir it thoroughly to melt it slightly. (keep reading past the big photo, there are more directions it’s just the nicest photo I had)

chorizo, tomato and creme fraiche pasta

Drain the pasta but be careful to reserve some of the pasta water.

Tumble all the pasta into the pan of loveliness and give it all a good mix. If it looks a bit stodgy pour in some of the water you saved. I used about 70 – 100ml in the last batch I made.

Serve with a good sprinkling of freshly grated parmesan and a generous squeeze of honey. Trust me. Do it.

I forgot to take a photo of the finished thing. Sorry. But you should still make it.

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