Urgh. Some truly ugly photos this week, I can only apologise. Those shockers aside I genuinely like this quiche. Not specifically the fillings I used this time, even though they were pretty tasty, but the basic custard bit. You can use it to make whatever flavour quiche you want. It’s adapted from an Avoca recipe, from their first cookbook. As with almost all of their recipes the quantities are away with the fairies, proper catering level stuff. I halved the recipe and it’s still a feckin’ massive yoke, 25cm, that’s a lot of quiche.

I’m all alone this week. Only my two boys, parents, sister and nephew to keep me company in the house. My husband has jetted of to LA. Not my kind of place but I am jealous of twelve days of napping. I assume that’s what he’s doing.

We are now almost three weeks objection free on the planning submission . Brill.

I bought a pair of runners last week. Trendy, I-just-wear-flat-shoes-but-have-no-intention-of-exercising kind of shoes. They’ve broken me. Who wears these things? Why do they wear these things? I’ve ordered a pair of orthotic insoles to counter any trendiness I may have mistakenly stumbled across. I do like the colour of them though.

Quiche time.

Oven temperature 180 Celsius

Start by making one quantity of pastry as per this amazing post.


I used 5 rashers of nice bacon, half a red onion, fifteen green beans, a handful of frozen peas and a scallion or two but use what you like

Cream                 400ml

Sour cream        50ml

Eggs                     2

Egg yolks            3

Parmesan           50g

Cheddar             30g

Preheat the oven and make the pastry using this method. It takes ages to type out. Sorry. But you’re to line a 25cm, round flan dish with the pastry.

Bake it blind for 15mins and then a further 10mins naked – this is all explained in that link above. Just read it.


While the pastry cooks you can cook off your filling. I started by finely dicing my bacon and frying it off. I like my bacon fried for ages till it goes quite dark and crispy.

Then I added half a red onion cut into half moons.

5mins later I added chopped green beans and peas along with about 50ml of water. The water helps to part steam the green beans.

I know it looks gross and that that onion is huge
When it’s all cooked take it off the heat.

Make your custard bit next. Put the cream, sour cream and eggy bits into a big jug and season well. Whisk till smooth, trying your best to avoid any offer of help from toddlers in the vicinity.

stop touching it. simple instructions. hard to follow.
To assemble, place the pastry case on a big baking tray to catch any spills (I did that just after I took the photo). Wait for the pastry to be at least not roasting hot before scattering the bacon and vegetables across the base. Carefully pour in the eggy cream mix and sprinkle over the cheese.

This looks better
Place it in the oven for 25mins then turn it around and bake for a final 10mins. You want the centre to have just stopped wobbling. Nobody wants an overcooked quiche. Nobody.

Let it cool down a good bit before serving. You can serve it with salad if you have nothing better in the fridge but it’s fine all by itself. Just like me. Sigh.



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