I am slightly less furious this week, mainly because I’m too deep in snot to focus on anger. I’m taking that as a positive. Another positive is our new garden. It is going to be deadly. It really is.

Nothing else of note.

I decided to make buns. Original, no frills, basic buns. As before on my bun posts, these are buns. Not cupcakes.

They are however vaguely not as unhealthy as your standard bun because I’ve jetted all the way back to the 80s with this fella and have used Flora. Using Flora (or any margarine-y thing) actually gives a far lighter bun but they don’t last as well as butter buns so gorge on the night of baking. I also made a Greek yoghurt icing. As I say, verging on not bad for you.

This quantity made 12 little buns.

They should really be made in ounces but I’ll give you the gram measurements too.

Oven temperature 180 Celsius


Flora                                 4oz (115g)

Self raising flour            4oz (115g)

Caster sugar                    4oz (115g)

Eggs                                   2

Vanilla essence               1 teaspoon


Icing sugar                      50z (140g)

Vanilla essence               1 teaspoon

Greek yoghurt                1oz (30g)

Preheat the oven and get 12 bun cases ready.

Put all the bun ingredients into a big mixing bowl and beat vigorously to combine.


That’s the bun batter made.


Divide the mix between your bun cases and pop them into the oven.


My buns took about 15mins in total, turning them around after 10. you’re looking for them to be a good golden brown and springy to the touch.


Take them out of the oven and let them cool down on a wire wrack while you prepare the icing.

I will admit this is one of the few fundamental flaws I find within my husband. He doesn’t like icing. There you go. I said it.

So to make the icing put all the icing sugar into a big bowl along with the vanilla. Add in the yoghurt bit by bit, stirring after each addition.

The icing should be thick and glossy. If it’s too thick add more yoghurt and if it’s too thin add some more sugar.


Once the buns have cooled completely, douse them in icing.

Don’t forget to eat them all as soon as possible. Maybe with tea.










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