duck noodles

Duck Noodles

It turns out I only seem to eat cake, pork and duck. This week’s post is Crispy Hoisin Duck Noodles and it’s damn tasty, a bit faffy, but worth it. I stole it from a Jamie Oliver recipe but I don’t think I ever saw the original, I used this person’s take on it instead. It started off a bit healthier with tofu and lettuce but I ditched them and used more duck and noodles.

As for life. I’m genuinely falling apart. I have the black lung, snot eye and a woeful case of self pity hence the late post.

Still no word on whether we have gotten our planning permission so all revenge missions on temporary hold.

That’s about it.

This recipe is another general quantity list where you can add more or less of anything you like.

Duck breasts                  4

Thai 7 spice                    1 scant tablespoon – I used Sharwoods but if you’re ok with a bit of aniseed then you can use Chinese 5 spice

Salt and pepper

Spring onions                 4

Red chili                           I use about 1cm2 but I’m a wuss

Sesame seeds                  1 generous tablespoon

Runny honey                  2 tablespoons


Hoisin sauce                   200ml

Lime zest and juice       1 big one

Garlic cloves                   3

To accompany it I serve egg noodles tossed in sesame oil and baby sweetcorns or sugarsnap peas.

Dice the duck breasts into 2cm cubes and throw in a bowl with the Thai spice and seasoning. Mix it altogether and leave for a short while if you have the time but if you don’t then cook it straight away. I seldom remember to let it marinade.

duck noodles

Put your largest frying pan on a medium high heat and add in the duck pieces.

Slowly let all the remarkably delicious duck brown up and get all crispy. I had to drain of the excess fat twice as it was cooking. Be super careful when you do that. Hot fat is hot.

You’ll be wanting to let the duck go really dark so all the fat goes crispy. No one wants flabby duck do they?

duck noodles

When that’s all happening slice the spring onions finely and at an angle.

Very finely dice the chili.

Then make the sauce. Pour the hoisin into a little bowl, zest and juice in the lime and crush in the garlic. Stir it altogether and that’s done.

If you’re making noodles then put a large pan of water on to boil.

Back to the duck. If it’s perfectly crispy throw in the scallions, chili and sesame seeds. Let it all toast away while you throw the noodles (and sweetcorn or sugarsnap peas if you’re doing them) into the boiling water.

My noodles took 3mins to cook and that’s as long as the duck will take to finish.

Squeeze the honey into the duck and stir everything.


Drain your noodles and toss with 1 tablespoon of sesame oil.

You should now have hoisin sauce, crispy duck, noodles and vegetables. I like to serve the sauce on the side, and a slice of lime if you have one, but I’ll leave that up to you. I’m not great with savoury photography. Sorry.

duck noodles





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