Chicken Burgers

Bit of a mixed bag this week. We got our planning permission. Brilliant, but they have told us we can’t have the back bedroom. Less brilliant. It is illogical which infuriates me. But overall we have been granted permission for about 75% of what we wanted.

I have not entirely digested the permission.

In other news, as I am almost too cool, I signed up to Meals on Wheels. The folks who volunteer there are insane. In the very best way. Some of them have been volunteering since before I was born. That is crazy and impressive.

Lastly, due to a lot of kind words from lovely people I think I might start a cake business. I’m going to design a cake studio in the extension. That’s going to be fun. So give me one year and order a cake.

For now let us eat burgers. Chicken burgers. They’re fierce healthy, I even baked them instead of frying. Do not make these if you are in any way frustrated or irritable. This is what your hands and potentially your kitchen will look like but just remember they are delicious.

bredcrumbed hands

For consistency these quantities are a guide not the be all and end all and they make about 12 burgers.

Oven temperature 180 Celsius

Burger innards;

Chicken mince         1.2kg

Egg                              1

Breadcrumbs            1 generous handful


Breadcrumb coating;

Plain flour                 1 generous handful

Egg                              2

Whole milk                splash o’

Breadcrumbs            3 large handfuls

Preheat the oven and line two baking trays with baking parchment.

Put all the innards ingredients into a big bowl and mix/ squish together with your hands.

Scoop up handfuls and squeeze them firmly in your cupped hands. Gently flatten and leave to one side, I left them on a clean chopping board.

After you’ve made up all the burgers you’ll need to move onto the very, very messy bit. You’ll be needing three bowls, each deeper than the previous and more patience than anyone has.

In the first bowl put the flour.

In the second the eggs and milk. Beat till all the egg snot has been broken – those sickly gloopy bits.

In the third bowl add the breadcrumbs.

before the chaos

Ugh. It’s just so messy.

Pick up one of the naked burgers and place it gently in the flour, dust the top too so the whole burger is powdered.

Now carefully lift it up and put in the second bowl and coat it completely in egg.

Finally, the messiest bit of all, place the floured, egged burger into the breadcrumb bowl and coat entirely. Pick up the burger and confidently squish the breadcrumbs into the burger to make sure they stick.

chicken burgers
they’re done now. I understand if you need tea.
Place the coated burgers onto the baking trays and into the preheated oven for about 25mins.

I served mine with ketchup, mustard-mayonnaise, avocado, cherry tomatoes and lettuce all on a sesame bun. Healthy and delicious. Not bad.


2 thoughts on “Chicken Burgers

  1. Looks delish! We have a current love affair with turkey burgers. Last week it was bananas 🙂.
    Huge yay for the planning permission and can we order a cake for october 2018 please ? Very excited for you xxx


    1. Hopefully there wasn’t too much of an overlap between bananas and turkey burgers. You are now on the books for a cake! My first customer, how exciting x x


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