So. This very long week has flown by. Putting the last few nails in the planning coffin and being sick. I was waking up queezy and a bit restless. It went on for a few mornings and into the early afternoons. Half of me was excited that I might be preggers and the other half giving myself a slap and telling myself to cop on and at least start building the shagging house first. Took a test. I’m not pregnant. I was just good old fashioned sick. It’s been ages since I’ve been vomitty sick. Not great like. Think I’m better now though.

So. Thought I’d do a spot of baking for a change. Obviously I thought boiling sugar to 127 degrees with baby boys hanging out of me was an excellent idea.

boiling caramel + babies = brill
Marshmallows have always intrigued me. I tried to make them before but was way too ambitious and made raspberry ripple ones. Needless to say they weren’t exactly perfect. Tasted delicious but were hugely sticky and vicious looking.

So. Decided to go back to the beginning and start with a little lemon marshmallow. I’ve adapted a few recipes and this is what I’ve come up with. They are so impressively fluffy and taste like Turkish delight without the Turkish delight.

Before we go any further; do not bother attempting these without a sugar thermometer and a stand mixer.

Caster sugar                   450g

Liquid glucose                40g

Gelatine (powdered)      24g

Egg whites                        2

Zest of 1 lemon

Cornflour                          2 tablespoons

Icing sugar                       2 tablespoons

Put the caster sugar and liquid glucose in a big saucepan with 200ml of water and stir. Pop it on a medium heat.

When the sugar has dissolved you can up the heat to high but keep an eye on it, you don’t want it colouring. If it starts to go brown take it off the heat and let it cool off for a minute before popping it back onto a lower heat.

As the sugar boils you can prepare a tin of about 20x30cm with baking parchment like this.

Sieve a few teaspoons of cornflour and icing sugar over the parchment.

Measure out 150ml of cold water and sprinkle in the gelatine. Give it a good stir and leave it to one side to become gross and rubbery.

To the eggs. Put two egg whites into the bowl of a stand mixer. As the boiling sugar gets up to about 115 degrees Celsius begin whisking the egg whites. You’ll want them to be at the stiff peak stage.

Has the sugar reached 127 yet?

If it has remove the pan from the heat and scoop in the gross gelatine mass. Stir it well, but be careful because it’ll start to bubble angrily.

Your egg whites should be good and stiff now.

With the mixer on a medium speed, slowly pour in the gelatinous sugary goo.

Turn the mixer up to high and let it whip itself into a fury for at least 5mins. It’ll become hugely voluminous and glossy.


Zest in the lemon and whisk another little bit then pour the whole lot into the prepared tin. Smooth it out a bit and leave to set somewhere cool for a few hours.

To portion up get yourself a sheet of parchment bigger than the tin.

Put it on the worktop and sprinkle with another teaspoon or two of cornflour and icing sugar.

But the remainder of the cornflour and icing sugar into a shallow dish.

Upend the marshmallow onto the sugary parchment and slowly peel off the parchment that’s stuck to the marshmallow.

I like this photo, but it could do with a cupid though
Use a very sharp knife to slice pieces of marshmallow and toss them in the cornflour and icing sugar.

Store them in an airtight container and marvel at the fact you just made marshmallows.


3 thoughts on “Marshmallows

      1. Oh rubbish, the competition must have been extremely stiff. I’d put a nice frock on and go out for a decent bowl of crisps too. Even a bogstandard bowl of crisps thinking about it.


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