Yup. 100 people have bothered their arses to sign up to this blog. How lovely is that? Very.

I have no recipe for this week just a thank you for the support, a photo or two of the terrible cake I painted in this weeks class and another short rant about planning.

Thank you for the support.

The sugar class is still brilliant but it turns out I far prefer my class when I think I’m doing well or at least not being the worst in the class. This week I really was the crappest. I just don’t get it. I watch the teacher. I watch her hand. I watch the brush. I watch how much paint she puts on. I see how she twiddles the brush. Then I carefully take the brush, I gently dab it in the paint, I twiddle it and then I feck it up. Every bloody time. It boggles how it’s just impossible to me. So I went for the more-is-more-is-terrible approach to cake decorating.

hand painted cake
Jazzy isn’t it?

Our planning was deferred again. If anyone is free next week I’m thinking of egging the planning offices, just pm me if you’re interested.

I’m also going to Paris tomorrow for our fifth anniversary. I’m so very old these days but I am looking forward to eating mounds of pastries lying to myself that I will eventually join the damn gym.

Till next week.

hand painted cake

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