I don’t understand anymore

So happy Easter all. I’m not going to lie. This Easter was not the most relaxing or enjoyable I’ve ever had. On the upside no more essential trips to the shops for chocolate for some time to come. Downside my teeth are dissolving in my mouth as I type unfortunately.

Yesterday however was taking the piss lovely. A morning spent 1990s-ing it in the garden, minuscule paddling pool, Lidl parasol, semi nudy children and a whole heap of sunshine. After lunch we (my husband) decided we should actually get off our collective arse and go to a hidden, beautiful and mostly deserted beach around the corner from us.


not a bad plan husband

It was all going so well til my son heffed an almighty rock on his toe. I ended up sherpa-ing him back up the very steep walk home.

not ideal.

Still delighted we went.

So after all that excitement I thought today deserved a calming, no grey matter necessary baking episode. I’m not sure how I found these yokes but I did. I don’t understand them. I really don’t. I thought the recipe had a typo but had a quick Google and apparently it’s a thing. A gluten free thing for that matter. Shit, that’s why I found them. I saw people were struggling to find flour in the shops so thought a flour free recipe would be helpful.

Anyway. As I was trying to say. These are peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Peanut butter, baking soda, sugar and an egg make the dough. How does that make sense? I get the lack of butter is made up for by the nut fat stuff. Technical. But the rest has me at a loss. But through mania and magic they do work.

Even children might think these beneath their capabilities. You need a bowl, a spoon and an oven.

Off we go

Oven temperature 180 Celsius, makes about 20 little cookies

Peanut butter                        200g

Light muscavado sugar       125g

Baking soda                           1/2 tsp

Egg                                           1 medium

Chocolate chips                     100g

If you didn’t have actual chocolate chips, like me coz I’m great, you could break up some of your easter eggs or leave out the chocolate altogether – less good option, Good words though.

Preheat the oven and line two baking trays with parchment.

Empty the peanut butter into a nice bowl.

Not like this.

his face says it all

Add in the sugar and soda and stir.

Almost finished.

Crack in the egg and stir.

You can do this.

Poor in the chocolate chips and stir.

You did it. Dough made. Mad isn’t it.

Roll the un-understandable dough into large marble sized balls and place on the trays.

before the OCD came out to play

Bake for about 8mins until they are just starting to colour at the edges.

Leave them to cool on their trays.

There you are now. Fresh batch of cookies made in less than 30mins.


5 thoughts on “I don’t understand anymore

  1. Poor little guy, at least he got some cookies at the end of it. It’s amazing you have the beach so close. I wonder at these recipes but they clearly work. What was the texture?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No joke. The texture was deadly. I am officially the worst chocolate chip cookie baker in the world, usually way too spready but these were genuinely perfect and I unintentionally used fancy peanut butter so the taste was great too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a day of highs and lows! Bless your little guy’s heart!! That had to hurt! I hope the cookies brightened spirits for all! They look yummy!


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