Squashies and how to grow tomatoes from tomatoes

Afternoon everyone. I have been tasked with two baking challenges by lovely people in my life. I am working on them but in the meantime the distraction of male offspring still need feeding. As do I. So I’m doing the least recipe-ish thing I think I’ve ever posted. The squashy, named by my second boy.

A squashy is a delicious cheese sandwich that’s fried. You’re welcome. I make mine with kid sized wraps because you can comfortably fit two in my pan. Wraps also freeze perfectly which means I almost always have the scraps to make a hot and comforty and gratuitously unhealthy lunch.

As far as life goes, it’s all quiet enough but there is definitely a cloud sitting overhead. I don’t feel sad but just uneasy. Too much uncertainty for my liking.

I do however love how kind most people are now. I was walking d’boys back from our strictly social distanced visit to my parent’s when I heard a voice coo-wee-ing at me from across the road. It was our neighbour who I’ve only met in passing twice. She’d been to the shops and had picked up some treats for my boys. How nice is that? Very. She said the boys were always so well behaved when we passed. To be noticed. For her to act on it. All lovely. All.

Back to the squashy. Tailor this remarkable recipe however you see fit but I usually start with.

Wraps          2

Parma ham 6 slices (more if it’s a bad day, even more if it’s a really good day)

Cheese. Lots of it. I usually stick to Cheddar but I’ve dabbled with Emmental and Comte. Both of which are deadly.

Butter. Enough to slather all over one side of each wrap. Don’t be stingey.

Technical bit now lads.

Pop a medium sized (preferably wrap sized) frying pan on a medium heat.

If your wraps are in the freezer, take them out. They’ll defrost in the time it takes you to do the next step.

Grate your cheese of choice. Wraps defrosted. Boom.

Generously butter one side of each wrap and place them butter-side down on your board.

Layer cheese and torn parma ham on half of both wraps.

I missed a step. Open your parma ham packet.

When you are content with the cheese and ham level fold each wrap in half so you now have two semi-circles.


Carefully transfers them into your frying pan and place a plate on top. I added a pot of Cuprinol (other paint brands are available) on top of the plate to weigh down the wraps but that is optional.


After about 3-6mins on the first side your wrap should be golden brown on the bottom and the cheese should have started to be really melty.

Quickly and confidently flip both wraps over, remebering to remove the paint and plate first.

Continue frying on the second side till equally lovely. Just listen to that happiness.

I sprinkle maldon sea salt over the finished amazingness to make sure my death is quick but happy. I took photos but they’re all terrible so here is a photo of my eldest bringing Dave the Travel Iguana for a scoot in the baby’s sling. Gets me right in the ovaries.


As for tomatoes. Well. I always get the same type of cherry tomatoes from tesco. Lovely little things. So I decided to take a slice of one and plant it. Turns out those seeds inside really are seeds. Check these fellas out. Keep well.






2 thoughts on “Squashies and how to grow tomatoes from tomatoes

    1. I bet you they’d work. I had a tin of birdseed in my car for a while, it got damp somehow and when I opened it everything had started to sprout.


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